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Mindfulness Retreats in July

Mindfulness Retreats in July (Services / Health, Wellbeing & Beauty)

During July we are offering two retreats to help people suffering with Stress. I'm an accredited Min[...]
from EmmaReynolds
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Meditation Pocketbook

Meditation Pocketbook (Services / Health, Wellbeing & Beauty)

From the author of “Stillness in Mind”, a widely respected counsellor and meditation teacher in the [...]
from lesentiertranquille
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translator, interpreter more than 10 yrs experience (Services / Language Tuition and Translation)

Having any problem understanding a text or a person? I can help you!! I am Dutch and live in France [...]
from twei
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Pathways (Services / Health, Wellbeing & Beauty)

PATHWAYS - a philosophic meditation on human relationship Simon Cole's new book - a book for cont[...]
from lesentiertranquille
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Learn and Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

Learn and Practice Mindfulness and Meditation (Services / Health, Wellbeing & Beauty)

STILLNESS IN MIND a companion to mindfulness, meditation and living. A best-selling book on acqu[...]
from lesentiertranquille
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Learn English in Ariege

Learn English in Ariege (Services / Language Tuition and Translation)

We welcome you to learn English with us in the beautiful Ariege region. We offer language homestays,[...]
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Retreat : mindfulness, meditation and relationship

Retreat : mindfulness, meditation and relationship (Services / Health, Wellbeing & Beauty)

The 2018 dates for our residential retreats at Le Sentier Tranquille in the Douctouyre Valley are he[...]
from lesentiertranquille
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Tree surgeon Les Élagueurs Réunis

Tree surgeon Les Élagueurs Réunis (Services / Home & Building Services)

Les Élagueurs Réunis - Benjamin Valverde State diploma fully-insured tree-surgeon. Pruning and fel[...]
from Les Élagueurs Réunis
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Le Jardin des Chiots

Le Jardin des Chiots (Services / Veterinary & Animal Care)

Dog training. Training for owners of puppies from 2 months to 18 months, in French or English
from Cathy
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English-Collège-Lycée (Services / Language Tuition and Translation)

Language tuition Support and conversation for French students Collège/Lycée. For English-speake[...]
from Cathy
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French Plans (Services / Technical & Admin Services)

French Plans offers a unique planning and design service throughout France. With our associated Fre[...]
from Vivienne
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