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TalkSport In French

by carlaboy » Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:40 pm

When I first came to this part of the world, I couldn't do the English thing; first on the list; Slap that sat- dish on the roof. As I hadn't yet built the house.

Sport is a passion for me, so what choices did I have? I had French television broadcasting alot of major sporting events of which they are either involved in or follow.
So I watched sport on French T.V armed with a biblical size English/French dictionary and a laptop with BBC sport text rolling updates, for the fast moving translations of what was going on.( The BBC cannot broadcast live picture or vocal emissions outside of the UK, due to contract obligations) Great!
In a sporting contest many words are repeated: Goal, corner, freekick, try, lineout, net serve, ace, tyre change, lap, stage, team, well played, whatever. You can soon pick it up. (except cricket. I' ve tried a few times to explain. Don't go there!) Anyway its a good way to learn the language.
Not many English speaking sportspeople speak French, though I have seen many an interview with English rugby players and a credit to them they speak very good French; Johnny Wilkinson comes to mind as we have just beaten the French today.

Which means tommorrow, is low profile Sunday in my neck of the woods. If I see my neighbours it will be with a sympathetic shrug of the shoulders French style and a wry smile.

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